Parrish House Photos is a husband & wife photography team specializing in boutique engagement and wedding photography in Calgary and the Rocky Mountains.

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Every good story starts with why. Good travel starts with “why do I want to go away?” Is it for relaxation? To explore? To spend quality time with people you love? To experience new places?

     For us, capturing your day is our why, We want to tell your story. We love our journey together in life and business and we want everyone to have the opportunity to tell their story and to remember its moments, the laughter, excitement and all the drama that goes with it. These are the moments you will look back on. The stories you will tell and the pictures you will hang on your wall. This is your story, your legacy and your journey. We want to show off how stunning and beautiful you are and we love recording beautiful images of your wedding details! But what we want most are those precious moments that last in your hearts forever. The feelings we have when we look at the tiny black and white photo of our grandparents’ wedding. When we study the faces of generations that have gone before us. The precious images of people long gone that touched our lives and left their mark on our hearts.

     We want your wedding images to be your first family heirloom. Something tangible that says “this is who we are.” This is our story. This is meant to last. We want you to be left with something in your hands to remind you of your story and why you made the decision to marry and why it’s worth still investing in. It's your legacy.

Tim & Lisa Parrish