TIm + Lisa Parrish - Calgary Wedding Photographers
We are Tim + Lisa Parrish, husband and wife wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs. We’ve discovered that we are #bettertogether than we could ever be apart and are loving the journey of being partners in business as well as life.

We chose to specialize in weddings because, in addition to the beautiful details, we love that marriage is intentional - you don’t just drift into it. It takes effort and it takes boldness. We love documenting every special moment for our couples as they commit to create a life together. To create a legacy.

     We love to travel. We went to Paris on our honeymoon (Tim planned it and surprised me with the destination the week before our wedding ;) and loved every minute of it. We highly recommend investing in a good honeymoon!

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  We love our family. They’re not perfect, but spending time with them is important to us and we love em!

    We love good coffee. Honestly, crappy coffee is worse than not having coffee (which would be a disaster for me as I have a firm need to have my coffee with cream in the morning!) P.S. Guys, if your girl likes coffee, bringing her coffee in bed is a sure way for her to love you forever!!


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     We’re on opposite sides of the cat versus dog issue. Tim loves cats (and the occasional mid to large size dog). I’m firmly in love with small to mid size cuddly dogs! It’s a problem.

     We were both born and raised on Vancouver Island. It’s where we met, where we married, and where our families live - so yay for regular coastal visits!!

Also, I have to mention that if you are dreaming of a destination wedding on Vancouver Island, in Palm Springs, or pretty much anywhere in Europe from Italy and Greece to France and the British Isles - we're right there with you! Those are all places that have captured our hearts.


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     We love business and entrepreneurship. When we're not working with our wedding clients, we love to collaborate with other creative small businesses in the Calgary area. Whether it's just a little chat and some encouragement or providing behind the scenes solutions for their businesses, we love helping other people succeed!

   And lastly, but most importantly, we love God. Our relationship with Him is the core of everything we are and everything we do and everything we will become.